HestaPi stuck at 0°-screen (no. 15 of First boot ONE-tutorial)

Dear terrarium,
I powered one of my hestia Pi’s up to see how it looks like. I did not install a new image. I used an already installed image, so results may be different with a new one.
After applying power, the tested HestiaPi showed a white screen for 30 minutes. I could access its website. I guess I should try a new image. I’ll report my experience here.

Shouldn’t the web interface still work even if the screen won’t?

See here

It may be the case that the LCD is not inserted fully

Yea I thought that might be the case and I tried it on a rpi 3b+ that I confirmed to be functional and couldn’t get it to work. Is it the case that the web interface will only work with a functioning touch screen?

I don’t think so. There may be 2 separate problems. Try this for the LCD:

And the commands from the wiki step 15 for the web interface.

ok looks like im almost there. Am i going to be in trouble if i upgraded to OH 2.5?

Search this forum if you want to upgrade OH but we are working on a major upgrade that will address any issues related to that soon

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