HestiaPi ONE US Parts List

I was wondering if anybody had a complete list of all the required parts to build the ONE Touch. I think I’ve found the PCB files here, but I’m not sure if it’s the US version as it explicitly says “EU Model” on the board. I also can’t find any sort of full list of off the shelf components (part numbers, store links, etc.) for building one since the kits don’t appear to be coming back soon.

Any help is appreciated.

the PCB is common for HVAC (US) and EU models. The labels in parenthesis are for the EU.

I put together a spreadsheet of the parts I use to make my builds. Hope this helps.

FWIW - if anyone already has an RPi0 and just needs a PCB, I have a few laying around and am willing to part with a couple.

Thank you! I have requested access to the spreadsheet

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Sorry, was meant to be viewable and should be now.

Are your PCBs for the US version? Could I buy one of them? I wish Mouser had full kits, but it seems they only have EU version and it’s been back ordered for a while.

From my understanding, the PCBs are the same for the US and EU versions. I haven’t received my PCBs yet from JLCPCB, but I’ll gladly sell you one when they arrive. They weren’t very expensive to begin with, so it might be worthwhile for you to have some made yourself.

Just to confirm, the PCBs are the same for both EU and US (HVAC) version. The only difference in components is the power supply that provides 5V. The other difference is of course the labeling of the connections. US (HVAC) connects to heating, cooling, fan and secondary heating. The EU connects to heating, humidity, hot water and also secondary heating. The silkscreen of the PCBs explains where each needs to connect.

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