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I was wondering if the HestiaPi Beta Program for the U.S. version would be available for use in a research project that I am working on at Northeastern University in Massachusetts? I ask because currently I am working with the HestiaPi Touch, British version I suppose, and would like to purchase the U.S. version. Also I wonder what the major differences are between the two aside from the 24 VAC that would be used for the U.S. version?

For Sale HestiaPi touch in the US

I’ve moved this to a new topic.
The US HVAC version:

  • Has 3 solid state relays (better than old electromagnetic ones)
  • Control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Works with 24V AC signals
  • Has a simplified UI targeted at American classic HVAC systems.

The UI is in the latest update and the website does not show it in pictures yet but your item will arrive.
Would that cover your needs? Please feel free to ask any questions before placing your order :slight_smile:


Does this unit work with a C wire, or does it need an additional power supply?


We are in the process of supporting the C wire but it is not released yet. Numerous suppliers have been chosen to find the best match. We will update soon but for the moment, its a no I am afraid :frowning:


If you would like a PCB to experiment with, let me know. I have a pile of them. :slight_smile: I’m in the States.


So, I have been attempting (in my meager spare time) to build an HestiPi for my home in the US for over a year now. I had been unable to find the correct components for the self-printed PCB, so I finally broke down and purchased a touch kit a few months ago. I bought the kit because I still would like the experience of mostly building it myself. Well, now I finally have it almost completely together, and (due likely to my poor research) have just noticed that it is not setup for US 24VAC nor for air conditioning. Since it is very winter here right now, air conditioning is not an immediate concern for me. I found an earlier post on modifying the PCB to work with the R-W-G-Y wiring for the HVAC systems, but it there was a lot of noise in the thread and I want to be sure what I’m doing. My plan for now is, if possible, to modify my current HestiaPi Touch kit to run my heating this winter on my 24VAC US system, using the Red, White & Green wires. If I’m happy with how the system works, come summer I may then invest in the “correct” HestiaPi Touch to run my heating and air conditioning.

So, can someone please give me some simple/clear instructions on what I need to do to wire my 24VAC R-W-G US system for the HestiPi Touch Kit with the H-W-L-N terminal connections on it. Yes, I can supply 110VAC mains voltage to the L-N terminals.



There are a few things I need to mention here.
The HVAC units need 3 relays to control AC and Heating. Your kit includes only 2 relays so you will not be able to control AC unless you modify the PCB yourself.
You will need to load the HVAC UI on the LCD (it is the default UI loaded if you download the image from our website).
As you can see here in lines 5 and 7:

Heating and Fan contacts are pins 12 and 18.
But your kit is for non-HVAC systems so the relays are wired to pins 12 and 23 for Hot Water and Heating.

So the contact labelled for Hot water (pin 12) should be connected to Heating wire (W - white).
Then the file:


should be edited to (simply swap 18 with 23 and vice-versa):

Switch CoolingPin "Cooling" { gpio="pin:18", mqtt=">[mosquitto:hestia/local/coolingstate:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:hestia/local/coolingstate:command:OFF:0],<[mosquitto:hestia/local/coolingstate:state:MAP(binary.map)]" }
Switch FanPin "Fan" { gpio="pin:23", mqtt=">[mosquitto:hestia/local/fanstate:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:hestia/local/fanstate:command:OFF:0],<[mosquitto:hestia/local/fanstate:state:MAP(binary.map)]" }

For this step you would need to ssh (default credentials: pi/hestia) into your HestiaPi and run:

sudo nano /etc/openhab2/items/default.items

make the changes, Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to close. Wait a few minutes to make sure the changes are reloaded.
The contact labelled for Heating (pin 23) should be connected to Fan wire (G - green).

I believe that should be it but that is simply from the top of my head. Check once the file changes are done without connecting it to your house.
To change UI to HVAC (if you accidentally switched to Standard UI) use the commands explained here.

I also need to stress here that once you modify these files you should back them up in the case you need to run an update because they will be overwritten from their original Github version.
Let us know if it worked so that others can get help.
Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick and thorough response, I will give it a go.


OK, looking this over again, I still need to connect the red (24VAC) to something so that the correct voltage can be applied to the heating (White) and the fan (green). There was an older post ([SOLVED] HestiaPi Touch United States Wiring) that included an instruction for cutting out a path on the back of the board and soldering the red line there (https://community.hestiapi.com/uploads/default/original/1X/2a6cb8dc5136b62a990fb7a92f727b75bda8a381.png). Is that what I need to do in this case, along with your instructions?


You are absolutely right. I missed this important bit. Is your PCB the same as the post?