How backordered is everything?

Almost everything is marked as “Available on Backorder”. How far out is the backorder?

Welcome to the club :slight_smile: !
Since the end of the crowdfunding campaign we had some stock to keep us going during our next step where we would chase up scaling up production (aka China). Due to the pandemic this has been seriously delayed (paused is the right term) so our stock has just been exhausted and the shop will appear as sold out for some months. Crowdsupply may still have some units but they have been very unreliable with delivery due to the pandemic.

Bummer, but makes sense. I guess for the time being I will just wait it out.

Hello everybody,
since I could not get my HestiaPi to run as I intended to do (see, I am willing to sell them.
I live in germany, so it would be the best option, if you are also from germany :slight_smile:
Let me know, if you are interested.

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