Misc tech questions (power, case, programming)

Latest release is out!
Check “Download” and “Documentation” from the top menu on our website for more details on how to upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you, I’m running a variation of HestiaPi US24v with additional relays.

Another question, I’m running Home Assistant, set up long before OpenHAB. Is there a way to publish to the HA mqtt broker?

MQTT does not know anything about the underlying system which is what makes it great to interface different systems. If you change ‘localhost’ to the IP of your system you can link them together. Make sure your topics (in the .things file) match though as this is equally important.

That’s was my assumption, thank you for clarifying! My last question hopefully, should I upgrade the MQTT binding from 1.XX to 2.XX? And is this setup through GUI or terminal? Thanks for all the help, I’ve been trying to get this up and running for a while now.

The latest release has version 2.4 for MQTT already. If you don’t use the latest release, I would advise you to do so as it has many improvements. I’m not sure it is advisable to upgrade just the MQTT especially as there are many changes. OH forum is a better place for these questions (and ready answers).

I’ve used the same image with no problems for testing. I just built my final product and booted the same image and I get this image. I can access via ssh and web ui, not sure what’s going on.

Did you run an update? The “loading” screen is loading the UI at the end in a frame. The loading screen is accessed as “file://” (webserver is not loaded at the very beginning) when the UI is “localhost” (OH fully loaded). Older Chromium browser had a flag we set on startup and ignores this warning. Newer Chromium (if you run an update).
See this Lcd boot page error

My screen will not boot to the dashboard. I’ve upgraded and never had this issue.

Did you try @caaron 's solution to remove new version of Chromium ?

I followed the instructions, tried the new release, tried my old setup… Unfortunately, I think this is an end for HestiaPi…

Do you mean you flashed the new ONE release and you have the same problem?

Yes, with different issues. Now, in the web ui I’m getting intermittent connection issues “waiting for connection” no temperature reading, and on reboot it’s stuck on loading at the HestiaPi screen.

Please check your custom hardware compatibility with the ONE release as there must definitely be some important differences

I had it booted up prior to running it in my home board, all features worked i.e. fan on/off heat on/off, set temp… I installed a fresh image on a new sd card, and booted it up, now nothing, just loading…

I’m not sure what is preventing the system from booting on the screen. No problems accessing to the web ui, and ssh but it will not load on the thermostat screen anymore.

Can you check the SD card?

I’ve used 4 different ones.

I think I may have narrowed down an issue. I have two different touchscreens and only one of them seems to work correctly. One will boot into the dashboard and the other two will get caught in the loading… screen. I’m not sure how this is causing my issues. The screen that does work, is upside down and needs to be rotated somehow, either physically or in the software. Making progress…

“Lost Connection issue” - This problem was resolved by deleting the files tmp and cache located in /var/lib/openhab2. Stop the service via sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service, delete the files, then start the service via sudo systemctl start openhab2.service. Connection came back after that. I’ll have to track down where I read that solution for the full article.