Relay not activated, how to debug

Hey its been a while since i updated this thread!

So i had been daily driving the v1.4 for a couple of weeks monitoring the BME280 sensor for issues.
I was calling the “” randomly and i found out that i often get errors while detecting the sensor. After a while the sensor came back and temp worked but it started failing again and again…

Then i ordered a Pi Zero2 W and started to run both Pi0 with v1.4. The issue never happened with the new one. I even gave a try with the same BME280 and no problem so far. Not to mention the big performance improvement! At same core temps(35) the CPU run’s very low on usage compare to std Pi and everything respond quicker!

So i think my previous Pi0 might have something bad hapening that caused me all the relay and temps issues.
The good news is that this issue led me to find the existance of V1.4 and the Pi02 support wich is way better in my own oppinion.

Thanks to all who work to improve the project and i can’t wait to see what the next phase will look like. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards