Screen touch stopped working

This morning the screen touch stopped working

I didn’t change anything. It just didn’t work one day to another

I tried to reboot, disassembling the HestiaPi to check the pins are right (despite it was working properly), trying to use xinput_calibrator to see if touch events are working… nothing seems to work :frowning_face:

The display still works right, it changes when I change values from OH interface

Seems like another bad solder point :frowning:
check with a multimeter continuity between the bottom of the PCB of the LCD pins and the tip of the corresponding pin from the top (shutdown and remove LCD first) for the Touch-related pins.

I have checked the 26 pins and all of them seem to be ok :confounded:

Can you temporarily insert the LCD on the Pi’s headers as far as it goes even if it does not stay level due to the relays? This is just to confirm the female header on the LCD is not damaged. If this doesn’t work, then somehow the LCD got damaged :frowning:

Sorry I don’t understand. How do I insert it? Should I remove part of the female header to insert it?

No need to remove or modify any part. Simply lift the LCD from the top male header and sit it on the actual Pi’s male pins. The relays should block you from staying level but push it gently as far as it goes and try booting and check if touch events are registered.

No luck, touch events are not registered

I cannot believe it just broke

I have been comparing logs from days before, searching in the web, and found nothing

What can I do?

That is really unfortunate :frowning:
The few more incidents in the forum were the results from incorrect insertion of the pin header.
Currently we don’t even have spare LCDs. Someone on the forum has spotted and tested a non-asian supplier of the same LCD.
I would suggest as a final test to test it on another Pi if you have before you order. Forget about sensor and relays. Simply flash the same image and boot it on a Zero or 3 with the LCD properly inserted.

All I have is an old Raspberry 1. Would it work?

Not sure of compatibility of the current kernel.
If it boots, it should be ok.

I just ordered a new one, replaced it and touch screen works again! :tada:

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