[SOLVED] BME Sensor Time Out

I noticed that the BME sensor looses connectivity after 10 - 15 minutes. It will reset if I re-seat the jumpers on the board. Right now I’m running a short jumper wire between the pins (soldered into sensor and board). Any suggestions here? Thanks!


We’ve never experienced this at least with the complete units. I’m sure it’s a contact issue.
What pin header type have you chosen? Maybe the female ones are loose ( :wink: )

The pin header I’m using on the BME connections are some generic pins I had from another project. I’m assuming it probably is something simple like a connectivity issue. I’ll see if I can engineer a better setup this evening. Thanks for the suggestions!

Maybe try making a few very small bends (like a wave pattern?) on each male to avoid desoldering…

So, I ended up soldering it directly to the board with the header that was provided with it. I have gone over everything really good and I still get intermittent connectivity. I tested continuity on the board/header pins and it checks out. :thinking:

Well after some really careful soldering, I think I got the sensor installed successfully. So far we have not lost connectivity since I re soldered things. Thanks for the support!

Glad you made it work! :slight_smile: