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Anyone have any reliable links for screen module replacements? Found a few links on the forums but they look like non US shipping ebay links.
I think I might have accidentally plugged the screen in with the pins not lined up at some point, but when im sure its lined up it all shows ok, except for any touch input doesnt work.

this or something similar is all you should need. 3.5” TFT screen. I would send what I got but it’s unavailable. You can just search “3.5” tft lcd for raspberry Pi” and get plenty of working results. Here is a link to an Amazon one:

[LCD](kuman 3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD Display SPI with Touch Pen for Raspberry Pi 3B+/ Pi 2B, Pi Zero W, Pi A/B

Some people have reported this issue fixed after re-flowing the appropriate solder points as described here. That’s the first thing I would try.

If that doesn’t work, it sounds like you’re in the same boat as I am. I think I fried the touch sensor on my LCD (which otherwise works fine) by seating it on the wrong pins during installation. Re-flowing the solder did not fix it in my case.

I have yet to try another LCD because apparently there are some driver related concerns depending on the exact screen being used (see here).

I’m wondering if anyone can confirm a replacement touchscreen LCD that works. The one officially recommended here unfortunately does not ship to the USA.

This was the one I ended up getting and its an exact match from what I can tell.
I ended up snapping off the prongs on the cover and just plugged the lcd into the connector, I think thats when i had the pins misaligned because i couldnt see well at the connector. the cover seems to attach to the base perfectly fine and I dont have to worry about misaligning it any longer when trying to put the cover on.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m assuming touch works for you with this LCD then?

Yes, it now works with the new one

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