Why not use the Common wire?



I hope there’s plenty of demand as I would love to see this thing successfully funded. I would like it to catch on in The States so they become widely available.

Thanks much!


Tuesday 10 AM PDT is the exact launch time. Tick tock tick tock


Great! Alarm set. Thanks again.


Any word of mouth promotion that day would be greatly appreciated! We’ll officially announce it of course in a new post here, our main website and our socials.
Thank you for your wishes!


You guys are awesome! I bought the HestiaPi touch a while back before it had C wire support. I never got around to running mains power to it, so it sits collecting dust :frowning:

What part can I buy to upgrade it to run off C wire? Or should I just buy the new version? Thanks!


Thanks :wink:
Well its a different PCB with different wiring and a custom made power supply. It will need some major hacking. Otherwise you can support our campaign with the cheaper options (without the case) to save some money.


Got it, thanks!