Alternatives to hex head M2.5?

I can’t find any M2.5 hex head screws at my usual sources. Anyone know if cap head M2.5 will fit or is the head too large? What are my alternatives for fixing the board to the backplate?

Use a 3mm drill to expand the holes by hand very gently and slowly and use 3mm screws. We have this in first prototypes :stuck_out_tongue:
There are no copper tracks/planes there

Do you actually mean the holes on the raspberry pi zero and hestiapi boards themselves?

I just realised what you meant… As long as they stay flush with the backplate, you could even superglue them to the backplate

OK gotcha. For socket cap screws I think the heads are a little bit taller. Is there a STEP file available for the cover and backplate I can import into CAD for easier modifications? The STL is a mesh and makes it more difficult to extend faces or change holes, etc.



(you would need a - free - account, I’m afraid)

perfect I already use Onshape regularly.

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