Asking for U.S. PCB files and BOM

So I made a mistake and jumped the gun on making the hestipi thermostat after not doing enough research at first. The issue currently is I had printed the pcb off the official download page that only supports heat and water when in fact I need to support the 4 wire configuration.

Here is where I am at when I realized this:

At this point, I am wishing I just had bought the kit but now I have the screen, temp sensor, and the other parts.

My question is, is there a place where I can download the following pcb and bom of the following version of the hestipi board in the image below

I looked on github, but the only version I could find was for the version that I had printed off.

I can buy the other relays using this image. Would just need to know if this board would need resistors/transistors/diodes as well.

Also, is there a link where I could directly donate so that I would not have to purchase the kit and have duplicate parts as I have already purchased all for this version?

Here is my thermostat setup in case someone notices something I don’t:

Google Photos

We have just finished producing the latest pledges of the campaign and we are now focusing on documenting and sharing all the info with you guys. You should expect in a few days, schematics in readable file format for editing, PCB Gerber files, BOM, Image download links followed by installation instructions.

None (no resistors, no transistors , no diodes) :wink:
All components are at the top of the PCB only, so what you can see from the pictures is what you will need.
Relay (solid state) are OMRON G3MB-202P 5V

Feel free to donate anything you find fair. You obviously don’t have to. Thank you!

And the power supply ? What are you using for the PS for the NorthAmerican market ?

It is a custom 24V AC to 5V DC 3A 15W regulated power supply.
Very similar to this:
I believe others on the forum have made their own version for the PSU with less custom parts.

Would this also work?

Also thank you for all the info you have provided :slight_smile: I have seen the new version and should now work with my set up

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OMG… United we stand, divided we fall! You found it!
This looks right although my custom one does not specify input range.
Please try it and confirm here so that I place a useful link in the BOM as my above link may be a dead end for less than 100 units. I had to get it custom made but it felt not very “open” design afterwards.
Really excited with your finding. Well done!

Purchased :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a shot and let you know how well it works (may be about a month though as I am still waiting on 2 more parts to come in to finish the build)

The one thing I don’t like about Xmas holidays period :roll_eyes:

I used this very same power supply, works great.

Hey @blase116, could you post a picture of your setup if you don’t mind? I have got the power supply from the link I left and am wondering how you have it placed in the casing (if you had used the hestiapi 3d printed casing that is)

You can double-side tape it or super glue it at the bottom left of the PCB. There is an appropriate space allocated for it.

That was my initial idea. The only issue I see is it is fairly large and will cover the solder holes for the power input. Probably will end up just letting it set in the location without being fixated to anything. (Still waiting on other parts :confused:)

Snap off the side holes for the screws of the PSU as you won’t need them. It should fit while staying inside the PCB and not blocking the solder points you mention on the right.

Sorry for the delay in response, I just have everything working right now running off the blue common and red power (out of case), I still need to figure a case out for it. Was thinking of modding the case that is standard and reprinting something that will allow it to fit or creating something new entirely. Sorry it is late, I hope this makes sense.

What they said ^ :slight_smile:

I ended up using double sided tape.

I also finally got all the parts and have been working on finalizing the build. I have ran into a new issue but will make a new post for that.

Thanks for the double sided tape idea :grinning:

Just wanted to close the loop on this. The power supply works perfectly and the hestiapi starts up and controls the hvac system. Now just needing to customize it to my needs :slight_smile:

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