Australian Thermostats

Hi There,
I was wondering if the HestaPi model is compatible with Australian Thermostats? Does the 240v EU compatibility make it work in AU?

This company released a product for australia called the ezlink which enables the use of nest and ecobee thermostats because for some reason they didnt work with Australian A/C thermostats.

Is this because US thermostats are able to be changed by home users (24V and not 240V like here in Aus) or is it a separate issue unique to australia?

Hello @xternal and welcome to the club!
There isn’t enough info on that link on how Australia is different to a US HVAC or EU unit so we cannot say for sure and “guessing” is not something you want about these things :wink:
One sure thing is that HestiaPi supports both 24V AC and 100-240V AC systems. If the rest is simply connecting some wires together, then I believe it doable.
Could you provide the electrical wiring of your system so that we can see if it is supported or not. You may find it inside your furnace’s door.

Oh sorry this was in relation to attaching an Australian Daikin ducted aircon to the system. There seems to be some issue with previous smart thermostats connecting to australian air conditioners.

We currently have the Daikin BRC230Z4 connected to our ducted system