Bill of materials and design files for PCB

Hi everyone.

I’m new to HVAC, but no stranger to PCB design (I’ve built and iterated on three boards so far, first using gEDA and then KiCad). I see that the “development” repository on GitHub is totally bare except for some gerbers and SVGs of the final layout. There’s no schematic, no EDA project, no component footprints, and no bill of materials.

What I’d really like to do is make my own board which I can hack on and iterate at my own pace. Having had experience trying to commercialise board designs in the past, I’m not interested in trying to refine the result – y’all can have fun doing that yourselves – I only want to figure out what the board is doing so that I can hack together my own solution.

Where can I find the source files for the HestiaPi board?

Are you referring to the HestiaPi Classic or the HestiaPi Touch? For the latter please see this (PCB tab)

We are in the process of moving to KiCAD ourselves too when we will release the KiCAD source file too.

Ah, there we go. It seems I’m today’s victim of modern low-contrast web designs!

we were a bit worried too if it goes unnoticed… maybe a little UI tweak is needed there :wink:

Has anyone made a PCB design in Kicad yet? I’m looking for one to use with a Pi Zero W board along with the standard sensors used in the HestiaPi Touch HVAC. Thanks!

Yes but it hasnt been reviewed yet. Are you willing to do so comparing it to the old Fritzing format? PM me to send you the files

Is the schematic and PCB available for the HestiaPi Touch at present? I checked the hestia-touch-pcb-stable repo, but it is still empty at the time of this post.

Please use the hestia-touch-pcb-dev repo and specifically the KiCAD version in the direct link below.

Don’t be fooled by the name. The dev repo never has anything untested committed.
Saying that maybe its time to move that version to the stable repo too but we always come up with changes so it is continuously “under development” :slight_smile: