BME680 as standard in HestiaPi

Dear HestiaPi Team,

I found this thread (DIY HestaPi hardware?) because I was looking for a universal solution to use an BME680.

It would be great if the BME680 can be used out-of-the-box.

UseCase: I would like to see and detect when windows are opened for ventilation. The BME680 does this job quite well by measuring the air resistance. When ventilation is detected, the floor heating can be switched off automatically.

I have several other BME680 sensors in different rooms. Since the HestiaPis will be positioned quite well, I would like to use them for ventilation detection.

Best regards,

From a quick check we did, replacing the BME280 with BME680 would be straight forward as hardware seem compatible with each other.
BME280 also has pressure sensor so this leaves only gas sensor out which is something we will be released as a portable module to be placed in a more appropriate location.
We will look into using BME680 for this. Thank you

Thank you for your quick reply and for checking the possibilities to implement BME680 support as a standard.

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