Campaign is Live!

Hey everyone!
Our crowdfunding campaign is now Live!

Learn more on the main campaign page and reserve yours today from 99USD and free US shipping.

New colour, C-wire and 2-stage furnace support!


I was looking to purchase a new HesitPi Touch HVAC, but just saw this campaign. What is the difference between the Touch HVAC I can purchase on your site now and this unit available via the crowdfunding site?

It works with 24v C (common) wire for American installations.

The original European version requires mains voltage run to your thermostat.

It’s not exactly flying off the proverbial shelf is it…?

Just a cursory Google search and there’s next to no word of the Crowd Supply campaign aside from the Crowd Supply page itself…

The Raspberry Pi DIY / home automation communities are quite prominent on ‘teh internets’… Has anyone sent announcements to hackaday, the raspberry pi foundation, openhab,… literally any other tech sites out there to get the word out?

I don’t think anyone knows about it. I would think the openhab community would eat this up.

Our e-shop is temporarily suspended during the campaign. The model available via the crowdfunding site has 4 (instead of 3) relays, support for the common wire (c-wire 24V AC), support for 2-stage furnace and a redesigned case along other smaller under the hood improvements.

OK, thanks. Looks like it will not ship until October, though? I was hoping to get one in time for Air Conditioning season here in Ohio.

We have been doing this all day as we wanted the campaign to gain some momentum first. No answers yet.

I sent a tip to hackaday myself. :grin:

I want more open hardware everywhere darn it!

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How serendipitous! Technology Connections on YouTube just did a How Thermostats Work video on their channel.

One of the closing questions he had received from a subscriber wanted to know if there existed a thermostat that could be told you run for 1 cycle, regardless of current temperature, then return to the selected temperature setting when done.

I took the opportunity to let the comments section know about the project! :wink: Go give my comment a thumbs up to increase visibility.

But this works both ways also… I urge anyone who loves to know how tech works to try his channel and subscribe if you like what you see. I super enjoy whenever he posts anything new, it’s always am interesting watch.

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@Busted I’m really grateful for all your help…

Well, it’s not entirely selfless. :smirk:

I’m just genuinely excited about the concept/product.

Most welcome though.