Can I pay someone to build me a few HestaPis?

I need to “smart” my thermostats, and am coming up blank for an owner-controlled/free software solution. HestiaPi seems like the next-best thing (only next-best because it uses the backdoored Raspberry Pi SoC), but it seems production has been halted, and I don’t really want to keep waiting.

So can I pay someone to build me 3 or 4 of the US model? Bonus if you can “upgrade” it to a non-backdoored SoC, but I’ll tolerate a Pi Zero W if I have to. :slight_smile:

P.S. Just in case someone has suggestions for a “better fit” device I could try instead, I’d ideally prefer hardware buttons, an e-ink/e-paper display, and a camera built-in. I don’t care about software so long as I can hack at it - back when I used Nest, I reverse engineered and rewrote the firmware GitHub - freeabode/freeabode: Home automation software

What do you mean by “backdoor RPi SoC?”

If you’re serious about buying pre-made HestiaPis, contact me via PM. I am interested in building them for you.

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Raspberry Pis have a dedicated supervisor core that runs Microsoft ThreadX and has complete control over the coprocessor cores people run Linux on. What’s wrong with the Raspberry Pi – Own your bits

I don’t see a way to PM on this forum…? :confused:

You were a very fresh user and forum waits a few days before you are allowed that. Enabled this manually. Click on the name of a user and you would now get a “Message” button.

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Thanks. (While you’re here… any news on being able to buy them “officially” made any time soon?)

Nope :frowning: mass manufacturing in China is still on-hold

I am also interested in having a pre-made built, but cannot PM as I just registered.

Note that mine turned out with unusable touchscreens due to the case squishing the LCD too much. Hopefully I will eventually shave the hooks down enough, but if you’re getting some made, you might consider modifying the 3D file in advance to avoid the issue.

I have just allowed your PM permission :slight_smile:

Original parts and original 3D stl file didn’t have any issues. The problem you are reporting may be caused by differences in your parts, connector length or even printer settings.
We would advise on printing a few test prints before modifying the design. Consider the LCD as glass, so yes, no force should be applied to it.

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