Compatible Hot Water Tanks (US)

I’m building a new house this Spring and am in the market to shop for water tanks. I’m probably going to get a 40 gal electric tank but I’m curious what others are doing to integrate the use of HestiaPi with their water tanks. I’m going with a tank unit because I hope to integrate a solar pre-heater Summer of 2019.

What tank brands are compatible with HestiaPi in the US?


Not sure about how to reply but I will reply with a question :slight_smile:
As HestiaPi is open source why don’t you see what commercial tanks are expecting from a thermostat to do and see if we can incorporate this together into your installation? Sounds like a fun addon to us!
You might as well find what cool features expensive ones have to offer and see if we can match that!
What do you think?

Sounds good to me! I’ll keep looking and see what I find. And maybe someone on the forum can add a thing or two. I’ll check out the Openhab forum as well. I’m confident that we can come up with a great solution! I’ll keep you posted!

Also, when I’m done with the house build here late August, I’ll take some pictures of the finished product installed. I’ll see if I can come up with some documentation for your WIki as well. I saw your wall install section needed to be created. :slight_smile:


What country are is the HestiaPi project located in?

What exactly are you all in EU hooking up to your HestiaPi to control the hot water boost?

I see a lot of products on the market that you can add to your existing hot water heater to boost it’s efficiency but I do not see anything that says you can hard wire a controller to your existing hot water heater to boost it’s temperature. I will speak with my plumber and see what he has to say. Thanks!


This is a typical thermostat that gets replaced by HestiaPi in the EU. It has a separate electrical contact for heating (controlled by the thermostat value) and hot water. The heating element can be either gaz or electrical and has a temperature preset that is not adjusted by the above unit (rarely people change the temperature the hot water needs to be).
With HestiaPi we can add a wired or wireless temperature reading or setpoint to the water system…

So, I am back at it again tinkering. I was going to create my own thing and then thought that HestiaPi may be able to accommodate what I am after. I would like to integrate 3 temperature sensors and a relay into a HestiaPi based system to control a simple water pump based on temperature readings. Basically, their will be a sensor installed inside of the solar collector and inside of a collection tank and one reading outside temperature. When the temperature of the solar collector reaches a set point, the pump engages. When the temperature of the tank hits a set point, the pump quits. If the temperature of the collector drops below a set point, the pump quits. It’s really not that complicated. :slight_smile:

I have a board design I am debating on. I may use it and then use HestiaPi to control it all. I have two basic designs. One with an LCD screen / buttons and one without.

The link below shows the DIY system I am building. I want to replace the commercially available controller with the one I build instead. Also, to my knowledge their aren’t any good commercial options out there that have a web interface like HestiaPi / OpenHab does.



Cool setup (link does not work)! Sounds like a simple modification to the default.items and default.rules files.
If you need assistance simply shout here or the OH forum.
Replacing commercial controllers to custom made ones is a milestone on its own :wink:

I will definitely let you know how it goes. Still designing things now. I just got my temp sensors and relay shipped today. A new RPi zero will be here soon as well. Now it’s time to decide on board customizations. I’m having fun with Fritzing at the moment.


It’s funny that link didn’t work. Try this one. The one above worked fine for me in Chrome browser.