Connection to heater with fuse

As a follow up of my question the “On electrical connection with relay” thread, I ended up disassembling the heater to see what is going on inside

I found there is just a 3.15A fuse between the power line and the line sent to the thermostat

So I am not sure now which is the best way to proceed:

  • I could just send the general power L back to the heater from the HestiaPi, but I am skipping the fuse, and I am not sure about the consequences of doing that
  • On the other hand, there is the L vs N switching in the plug. If I switch the plug, the heater is waiting not the L but the N back. I could send HestiaPi the cables in the same order to avoid this, but I am wondering if HestiaPi supports switching power L and N

What do you think is the best way to proceed?

HestiaPi switches AC loads. By default the L wire. With the modification you suggested in that other topic, It doesn’t care if it the L or the N wire.

As long as you don’t bypass the fuse (or any other safety measure) I believe it is safe to try it.

So… will you go for the modification proposed in the other topic?

Or maybe I could connect HestiaPi behind the fuse, connected to the line that the heater is sending?

Yes I think I would unless we are missing something else but this is as far as I go suggesting something of this matter remotely. Your detailed pictures and steps give me enough confidence to say yes.

Thank you for your advice

Finally I went with option 2: connecting to the line the heater is sending

I didn’t want to cut nor soldering the nice HestiaPi!

Everything working fine :clap: :relaxed:

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There is a lot of work from @rlkoshak on github that has improved the boot speed and updated the way HestiaPi’s internal mechanisms work software-wise. Keep an eye on for a possible future update.

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