Crowdsupply One rebooting when heating. Power related?


After an extended battle in a slowly cooling house I got the hestia pi up and running properly. This was something like 4 hours before I found a script (scripts/restore maybe?) that seemed to kick openhab into working. There are several reasons why it was probably my fault that it failed in the first place.

Where I’m at now is that after running fine for that four hours or so, once I got the furnace running, within about 5-10 minutes the system blinked out of existence and rebooted. I thought this was in response to a touch but I now believe that was coincidence. Once I sat out the boot process I was able to start the heat from the web UI and again it rebooted after a total 26 min of uptime, this time without being touched.

I checked var/log/messages and a few other places for any evidence of an error and found nothing. At that point it was 9pm and 61F in the house and I switched back to the old thermostat. Given that linux isn’t really prone to random reboots like that, I’m guessing the most likely culprit is poor quality power from my furnace.

Is there anywhere else in the system I should look for an error or failure? Is there any circuitry stabilizing power from the furnace that should prevent something like this? Any input or suggestions would be welcome.

The power supply unit (I assume you have the HVAC/US model) is taking care of irregularities on the input voltage. I assume the same that the power coming from the furnace is not enough. Was your previous thermostat battery operated or passive (bimetal) ? Check your furnace output power rating and report back please.

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