Define a new schedule

Hi community, I’m started working on my hestiapi touch with v2 image. I managed to control my HVAC system, using openhab app / web environment. I can start or shutdown my hvac without problems. I tryied to investigate how can define a new schedule program, modifying some code or defined rules. I need just an starting point to start modifying current code/rules.

I need to define an easy schedule, every working day start my hvac system on 7AM at 21ºC and decrease the temperature to 17ºC at 19PM. At the weekend the defined temperature is necessary to be set at 17ºC.

I tryied to take a look to the defined rules code at default.rules and also, take a look to the habmin panel, on the automatization section, under “schedules” but, it seems to be something static and I’m not able to modify anything.

Sorry for this newbie questions but may be, it’s a good starting point for others.


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:
v2 image is veeery old. We are on v9 now and I would strongly recommend to update.
Have you seen this

I think your scenario is explained there (or very similar)
Also search for “schedule” in the forum.

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Sorry for my mistake, v9! my installed version is v9.2!
I will take a look to this post, and try to edit my default rules!
Many thanks