[FORUM SERVER]: Email limit reached


This is a quick message to warn people that we have reached our server’s email limit so signup confirmations, new message notifications and message digests are not getting sent right now.

Which is a good timing to announce that our volunteer (aka unpaid) admin and hosting provider @gwmngilfen is retiring from the project and we are in immediate need for a new home. @gwmngilfen has offered to help with the migration if needed.

Anyone willing to offer some help for the above, we can share Discourse’s recommended hardware but a basic DigitalOcean VM with root access will be enough for our load:

Feel free to reply here or PM us. We are usually online so even no email reaches, we will respond :slight_smile:


The issue with the emails is now restored as it was a matter of scaling the forum’s infrastructure. This is a good sign that we are growing :slight_smile:
We are still in great need of a new home and our time is running low.
Any contributions are welcome.
We will update you soon on our decisions.