[FORUM SERVER]: Email limit reached

This is a quick message to warn people that we have reached our server’s email limit so signup confirmations, new message notifications and message digests are not getting sent right now.

Which is a good timing to announce that our volunteer (aka unpaid) admin and hosting provider @gwmngilfen is retiring from the project and we are in immediate need for a new home. @gwmngilfen has offered to help with the migration if needed.

Anyone willing to offer some help for the above, we can share Discourse’s recommended hardware but a basic DigitalOcean VM with root access will be enough for our load:

Feel free to reply here or PM us. We are usually online so even no email reaches, we will respond :slight_smile:

The issue with the emails is now restored as it was a matter of scaling the forum’s infrastructure. This is a good sign that we are growing :slight_smile:
We are still in great need of a new home and our time is running low.
Any contributions are welcome.
We will update you soon on our decisions.

We still haven’t sorted out all our mail server issues.
Our admin is aware and will look into this as soon as Covid-19 allows :slight_smile:
Till then keep in mind that subscribed people will not be notified via email.

During the weekend our admin will migrate our forum to a new server with improved capacity.
More info to come…

The site has now been moved to the new host, with a new mail plan to back it. Big thanks to @HestiaPi for the DNS fixing :slight_smile:

There may be slight teething issues (as with any big change) but hopefully it’ll be fine. Let us know if you see anything!

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