FOSDEM Energy Devroom CfP until 3 December

Hi HestiaPi community, I’m involved in organising the Energy Devroom at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels on 4 February 2023. We want your presentations related to energy systems and energy usage. Straight up project presentations are welcome but tangible applications and use-cases are preferred, so are stories & lessons for community building in the energy industry. The morning will be virtual, the afternoon will be on location, so we accomodate both pre-recorded and live presentations. We hope to provide a stage to many communities like yours that have a relation to energy. The open source community nature of HestiaPi fits with the FOSDEM audience so it would be good to see it represented. The deadline to submit a proposal is 3 December.

Hey @nicorikken, welcome to the club.
What sort of format and time length do you suggest?

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Wauw, that was quick. Format is a presentation. The shorter and more concise, the more content we can fit in the day. Would be interesting to know the hardware and software internals of HestiaPi, especially the controlling algorithms and how it can optimize energy usage. Not sure if it can already account for congestion or fluctuating energy prices to shift electric heating during the day but such use-cases make it real and show a larger integration. By having many in-depth presentations with an explicit call for integration we can hopefully achieve both the technical and personal connections in the devroom to get to integration and so build towards a modern connected energy system. Length really depends on the story you’d like to tell, if you want to elaborate on use-cases 30 or 45 minutes might be appropriate but if you can fit it in 15 minutes by focusing on the important bits that is preferred also for those listening.

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