great idea hestia team

Great idea Hestia PI. Can i still get one? And did you see SHPI? Maybe you could work with them?

Not sure what SHPI is :slight_smile:
Please send some info.

I see they have a site: and a cancelled kickstarter campaign. I don’t see any links to source code or 3D models but then again I don’t understand German.

They must still be in the very early stages of development. Good luck to them.

We are not sure it is actually open source. They offer 2 demo-like open source programs you can run.
What worries us the most is the heat dissipation. It is in-wall mounted with a fan that pushes the air inside the wall. Having a fan in 24/7 devices is a high risk for us that we tried to avoid at all costs. It adds maintenance needs and it will die one day, not knowing what will happen to the Pi the following hours.
On the other hand it looks great and is loaded with features and sensors. If all promised features are delivered in the preorder model, we’ll be impressed.

I will buy one. 3d Model is here:

They told me the FAN is not necessary at all. Its for improved air quality reading and temperature. Lifetime under full load 30.000h but they dont drive the fan with full voltage.

The AC supply has all protections (overtemp, overcurrent, overvoltage) .