Greetings and a question about HestiaPi availability

Hello, everybody.
I am new in the forum.

I have some previous experience with raspberry pi and have been playing with ESP32 and other chips to get a temperature/humidity station.

But I am not good at soldering and when you have a prototipe you still have to design a motherboard, a case (to get a good looking device).

I was looking now for a smart thermostat to control my (central) heating system.
I have found some commercial options, like netatmo and some others.
But I don’t like depending on a central server or the cloud. I don’t like transmiting info about by home to external sources or connecting from outside (I have a WireGuard VPN to connect to my home privatly).

Then I have found HestiaPi and I think it is ideal for me.
OpenHab is expandable, and I will be able to expand the system later.

But I have tried to buy HestiaPi and it is sold out.
It seems that they are not under production any more.
I can do it by myshelf, but have no 3D printer and it takes a lot of time to assemble everything, buy the componentes, produces the motherboards…

Do you know when it can be backup to procution?
It seems you are moving it to a china base motherboard factory…

By the way: great idea and great product. Keep it going.

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Currently, the pandemic and the silicon shortage has made our attempts too difficult. It is not like we have dropped the project. Actually we want to release (at least as a prototype) another model based off ESP chips to offer a cheaper and easier option but we do not have fixed dates we can announce yet. We would suggest to subscribe to the usual channels to get notified when this happens.
Thank you for your kind words.

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Thank you, I know, I have read about the problems with the production in China.

I am testing a tasmota solution with ESP32 and EQ3 valves.
It seems to work properly and you can control the valves with openHab.
Adding control of the relay and temperature sensor seems to be quite easy.

But you need to glue all with openHab.

Having a device with minimal power consumption and a good touch screen to control it all will be a great thing.

Can HestiaPi be adapted (modifying openHab rules and things) to control external sensors and relays throught MQTT ?

I have tried to install HestiaPi image in a Pi Zero W device, and it boots and you can configure it through HTTP. But openHab keeps initializing for ever (whole night and more).

Is there anything that prevents HestiaPi soft to run if it does not have the external hardware?

May be the touch screen?

try my reply about the 1.2-dev to your other post…

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