Heating relay not clicking

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I posted here before buying this … How smart and install location

Anyway, got it now. Wired through into the lounge from where the old one was, no problems. The thing powers up, got it onto the WIFI, easy enough. Can see it through the app now too.

However, a few things. Every time it boots, it sits there waiting for some WIFI timeout thing, even though it’s already locked on and working. Is that right?

Also, if I don’t power it down nicely, it once got stuck on booting, saying “Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked.”

Answers here and here …


Are either USB keyboard, or use SD Card slot on a Linux laptop and run fsck on it. Otherwise, it just sits there waiting for me to press and ENT key that doesn’t exist.

Anyway, I can now press the Boost hot water button, can hear the relay click, see the power kick in with multimeter, and hear boiler fire up.

However, with the heating, the relay does not click, and nothing happens with the multimeter. Am I missing something here?

Also, there seems to be no easy way to schedule the hot water to come on. Fair enough for the heating, the thermostat can drive it, but not sure about hot water. Do I need to write scripts for this?

Oh, also thought touch screen was broken, but it’s very slow.

Anyway, looks like a cool project with OpenHAB looking very capable …

The heating relay is the main issue …

It is actually waiting for OpenHAB to finish loading. The IP and MAC address are there to help setup your phone, app, SSH etc while waiting. It checks in the background every (I think 30sec) if it is started ok and only then it loads the UI on the LCD. On the latest 10.3 image this may take up to 15 minutes for the first time. Please be patient. If you worry something is wrong or stuck, check from your phone the webpage http://<YOUR_HESTIA_IP>:8080
It usually takes that long, so walk away and let it finish.

Avoid cutting the power during the boot as it is possible to corrupt parts of the SD.

Is the Heating Setpoint higher than the current temperature? If your room is hot enough, the heating will not start. :slight_smile:

Scheduling is not implemented yet I am afraid.

Hahaha! That was all it was, set the point higher and it clicked when I pressed Boost/ON.

Hmm, okay, all seems good really. Schedule would be nice, as I think a lot of people turn the heating off in the day. No idea what to do about the hot water, can’t just leave that going. Might try and wire them in so that the Hestia can’t turn the heating on unless the old Drayton’s on during it’s schedule then.

Any idea when this new one will have scheduling, and how hard is it to update the software on it? Just dnf or apt update or whatever? Then I can disconnect the old thing.

I think this post might help here

Scheduling is something I’ve been working on for the heating but I’m sure it can be done for hot water as well
I’ve learned that that there are few ways to implement it but the most common and in my research best way is with Cron expressions
This is my thread regarding it here

Hope this gets you started .