Hello newbie from the US

Got my first Raspberry Pi 3 B and was looking for ideas for my first project.
The HVAC control is what I’m thinking about, but not sure how to get started.

I have a Pi 3 B with a 7" touch screen that I would like to replace my current thermostat with.
I want to be able to control with smartphone also.

I have a two stage natural gas furnace with a single stage central air.

If someone could get me pointed in the right direction, it would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for the great site.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Apart from your Pi 3 and the Touchscreen, you will need:

  • A MicroSD card 8GB or higher
  • A power supply of 5V 3A from whatever voltage is available where the old thermostat sits. Make sure that your Pi and your screen requirements do not exceed 3A or adapt accordingly
  • A relay board of 3 or more contacts like this
  • A case (HestiaPi Touch uses different hardware so it will not be compatible)

Afterwards you can install HestiaPi firmware found in the downloads section and follow the instructions to boot and configure for HVAC usage. Alternatively you use this community maintained firmware.

Good luck and please share your findings and questions.