Hestia finally up and running

So, I’ve been absent a while (sorry!) but the good news is that I finally got my Hestia installed! Here’s a pic:

(yeah, I damaged the transfer…)

There’s 4 temp sensors in the house (although one is a DHT11 so totally unreliable) and the next step is writing some OpenHAB rules for averaging them. Blog post incoming :wink:


I’m going to start working on mine tonight…

Hoping the cases are done soon! :slight_smile:

So here we go trying to get the Hestia to speak to the MagicMirror

Had on my mind to send you replacement stickers for the damaged transfer for some time now and now that I got around it, I realised I have probably thrown away bits and pieces (including spare stickers) from the HestiaPi Classic once I moved on to the Touch version :frowning:
You probably don’t care as much as I do :slight_smile:

It’s in a cupboard, don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue: