Hestia Pi Touch Component Question

I have been working on soldering all of the components to my board. I noticed the area labeled AC* 5V. It’s on the bottom of the board. On the lefthand side on a trace. It appears to be 3 pads. What component goes there?

Also, what goes on the spot marked 3.3*/5V? This is located on the bottom side of the board in the top right hand corner.

Thanks! I’m trying to better understand the board design. I’m getting really close to firing it up. So far I have tested all of my traces and everything tests out. Soldering some of those components was tricky. I used a soldering iron as I could not find paste locally. I have some ordered now though. :slight_smile:



These pads are not designed for any components soldering :slight_smile:
As some users wanted to output from the relay the input AC L wire and some others wanted 5V (to drive another contact) we made these 3 pads. The center is sorted with (the AC) one. If you cut this track and solder the center with the other one you will get 5V from each relay’s output on the terminal block. I would strongly advise you for your custom board specifically to cut/separate these pads as much possible as AC and 5V DC may be too close.
Same applies for the 3.3*/5V. It selects the supply voltage of your sensor as were trying to support mor than a single one. Default (sorted via the PCB tracks) are always labeled with the asterisk *.
So if you have the full supplied BOM you don’t need to solder anything. Just keep an eye for sorts and make sure there is enough gap between tha copper tracks. :wink:

Thanks for the response! I appreciate all of your efforts. All of that helps.

I have another question. I noticed on the experimental board that their appears to be an option for both the DHT and BME sensors. I am assuming you can use either or? I didn’t see any build outs with those completed. Thanks!

Yes, it is either one. Not both at the same time :wink:

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