Hestia TOUCH ONE on a 3B+

Hello All,

I’m a new user, needing a new t-stat, and love the idea of this project. Due to known shortages and having some Pi 3B+'s laying around, is there a mod out there to run the latest version on a 3B+? Searching the forum yielded nothing since 2020. And being new to the idea of this project, I don’t know if there are other resources/sites I should be checking out for this.

My backup is getting a cheap programmable t-stat and waiting for the standard board to be available.

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The only problem I see by using the Pi 3B+ is physical… the arrangement of the Pi and the PCB. The pinout is the same and the SD card image provided ready to download, should work for most Pi models. The “easiest” workaround would be to make some kind of extension wires from the PCB to a female header that would plug on the Pi.
And then would be the case you would need to check if it will fit.
Definitely this will involve a lot of DIY and modifications but we are here to help if you are stuck :slight_smile:

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