Hestia32 - Which Touchscreen?

Here is the second sub-thread of the main Hestia32 thread about the journey of choosing the next screen.
We are still in the process of researching the markets for our options.
The basic criteria we are comparing the various solutions:

0. Wide availability across markets: We need all components to be available in multiple suppliers in each continent not just US or Asia
1. Price: Quite obvious but some solutions would break the budget (60USD for just the screen)
2. Size: 3.5" was OK but how about a 5"
3. Resistive/Capacitive: Capacitive ones, likes the ones all smartphones have, are sexy and register presses so much easier and natural. On the other hand, the markets are sooo limited and each supplier seems to offer different models so far breaking point #0 above.
4. Interface to the ESP: SPI is the most popular here. Parallel ones exist but offer higher speed we will not need and take MANY pins off ESP32.

While focusing on above 5, we also try to:

  • Keep the screen fairly basic. What we mean by that is that there are screens that offer microSD slots, physical buttons, ESP32 embedded. All these may be great but if we tie our design around a very specific model and tomorrow the manufacturer stops it or simply there is no stock in one place of the world for 8 months, the component will require major redesigns in software and hardware
  • Increase the viewing angle

Will keep updating this post as we go along…

My only comment is I think a 5" screen would be too large. The 3.5" screen seems pretty close to what most other smart thermostats offer.

Couldn’t really decide so we got all below 4 finalists. Btw they are all 3.5", they include a microSD card reader at the back and they exist in multiple supliers

  1. SPI interface, Resistive touchscreen, TFT screen
  2. SPI interface, Resistive touchscreen, IPS screen
  3. SPI interface, Capacitive touchscreen, TFT screen
  4. Parallel interface (8-bit), Resistive touchscreen, TFT screen

#4 is the strongest contestant right now. Have a look:
Amazon, AliExpress