HestiaPi Touch One Blank (white) LCD

I have assembled the kit I received from CrowdSupply and while my HestiaPi boots (I can access the web interface and SSH into the device) the LCD only ever lights up white (see image here). After reading a couple of similar topics on the forum, I have tried:

  • Connecting the LCD directly to the Pi’s headers (not the PCB’s) - no change
  • Refreshing the solder on the header pins - no change
  • Using the same MicroSD card, connecting the LCD to another Raspberry Pi (model 1B, not connected to the PCB) - LCD works as expected

As shown in the image above I am powering the device using an AC adapter, although I got the same behavior when connected to my HVAC wiring.

Since my LCD is demonstrated to be working, I must have some other problem. How can I troubleshoot further?

I believe it is a bad solder point and when you used the Pi’s headers directly the relays stopped you from making contact on all of the pins needed.
Please focus on these pins:

ignoring the NC and GND and reflow the LCD headers pins.
Be careful when plugging in the LCD as one pin misplacement can burn the LCD :persevere:

By golly that did the trick! Although I had made a pass at them already, one of the four LCD headers (#23) did flow some more when I tried it again. And now my LCD works!

This soldering method, although it solved other problems of space and heat dissipation, is by far the one we regret the most! Happy you got it working. Consider this your initiation ritual. Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

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