HestiaPi US with Lennox heat pump - reversing valve control

I got my HestiaPi about a week ago, and have been working on installing it this morning, but have run into a snag that can hopefully be resolved by editing the OpenHab rules:

On my HVAC system (Lennox single stage heat pump) the yellow wire energizes the outdoor unit, and an orange wire activates the reversing valve to switch the system to cool.

Connected, my terminal block looks like this:
Black Red Yellow Orange Green White

Heat seems to work fine, the system energizes yellow and green, but here’s my question: To get cool I would have to energize both the heat and cool pins (in my case, the yellow and orange wires). I’m sure this is possible with a change in the OpenHab logic, but I’ve only been working with it for 24 hours or so, and haven’t yet figured out where to make that change.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Once you’ve booted and all is good, look in the rules file for the points where cooling is activated and deactivated and add the same for heating.
Please bear in mind this is a hack and in a future update (triggered by you on the UI, not automatically) it will be overwritten. It is wiser to add a custom.rules file (with the same permissions) on the same location to react to changes to the cooling pin.

Cool, thank you! I’ve made the changes in hvac.rules, and will look into adding a custom.rules file to make sure the change sticks when I update to future versions.

One other question: My LCD displays well, but isn’t responding to touch inputs, even after the system has been running for 30+ minutes and the CPU usage has stabilized. Right now I’m running without the front case installed to eliminate that as a possible problem: the board is attached to the back plate, and that is attached to the wall, with the LCD pushed into it’s socket.

Is there a way to calibrate the touch sensor, or verify the sensor is sending data to the Pi?

I believe the soldering method for the Pi to the board is prone to errors and although it tested ok for continuity before shipping, one of the connections may be cut now. Please test each point between the 2 male headers on the board with a multimeter and refresh the solder if any found broken at the back of the Pi’s pins.
Sorry about that :frowning:
A revision to the design is being tested at the moment for this issue

Will do, thanks! No worries at all. I really appreciate all the work you (and the rest of the team and community) have done to make this happen, it’s really shaping up to be an awesome product.

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