HestiaPi will not switch HVAC on v1.2

I have been running HestiaPi v1.1 for a bit with success on my US version kit ordered from the store. When I update to v1.2 none of the relays are turned on by the system. As a software developer I know this bug report is incredibly vague but really that is all there is to it. I will try to go into a bit more detail below.

How I reproduce from my running v1.1 system:

  1. Close all apps and browsers that access HestiaPi
  2. SSH into Pi and sudo shutdown
  3. Turn 24v AC off at the furnace
  4. Remove SD card and use Raspberry Pi imager to flash v1.2
  5. Place SD card into Pi
  6. Turn on 24v AC
  7. Use the Pi’s wifi network to give the wifi password when requested
  8. Wait 1 hour
  9. Use the OpenHab app to connect to the pi and attempt to turn on heat

At this point the everything looks normal. I see the temperature and humidity and they are correct. The UI turns orange like it is heating. However I get zero volts at the heat and fan relays. The heat icon does not slowly fade in and out as it did in v1.1 but I don’t know if that feature was removed. If I repeat the process except install 1.1 again it goes back to working. Then I can follow the steps as written again and the issue persists. I have done this cycle 4 or 5 times so I really don’t think this could be a hardware issue.

I would still consider myself a beginner at Raspberry Pi, HestiaPi, and OpenHab so I am not sure how to go about troubleshooting this. Please let me know if you have any ideas or if there is any additional information I could gather or tests I could run.

Some more information that shouldn’t be relevant:

  • I damaged my original PCB so I am using one I ordered from China using the gerbers on the github
  • I am using my own Pi zero w not one from the HestiaPi store
  • My microSD card is 32 GB

Has the replaced PCB board worked with 1.1? If you soldered it yourself, it may be tricky.

Yes. In fact I never used the kit’s PCB. I can reliably switch between working and non working simply be reflashing the SD card.

I also used a different soldering technique than in the tutorial. I put the pins in the Pi upside down (from the back) which allowed me to solder from the front of the Pi. Then I carefully removed the plastic that holds the pins together. Then I placed it on the thermostat PCB and had plenty of extra pin sticking out the back to solder normally. Finally I trimmed the excess length of pin off the back of the thermostat board with a flush cutter. This allowed me to get solid joints on both boards so I would be surprised if I had a soldering issue.

I think I have seen other people mention a log file here, can you tell me where to look for that?

Should the heating/ cooling/ fan icons still slowly fade in and out when they are active?

/var/log/openhab2/openhab.log should be that log file.
Have you read this? You may find some debugging steps helpful. We haven’t worked that much on 1.2 version as we are working on another more big update which will become our next reference.

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