Hestiapi without xserver

Hi All! everyone, but is not it possible to create a distribution without XServer? and start Chromium in kiosk-mode? Dietpi already allows you to do it

Has anyone tried it successfully? This is one of the approaches we have in our Todo list. The other one is to skip the browser altogether and use MQTT to pull and push data and updates between the UI and the backend.

Hi there,

Interesting distro, DietPi!

I am working on an Arch Linux ARM install. Xserver is not a problem on these systems, but desktop and window managers can be too heavy.
My HestiaPi Touch is currently running openbox (window manager) with no desktop. It also runs midori, python, mosquitto, lighttpd+php and sqlite.
So far works fine, but I need to fine tune the python and web scripts a bit more before going public :slight_smile:

Jan Bonne

Chromium is ok but does require a desktop and /or window manager. Supposedly Link or Linx works just from command line, but it didn’t on my ARM install.

Does your Midori display the HABpanel ok, or are you loading another UI of yours?

I am not using OpenHAB because it’s not light enough in my opinion, although I didn’t test it on the Pi Zero. My GUI is simple HTML + javascript in Midori. Backend is Python.

Oops… I forgot! Exploring the results of not having a desktop/window manager running. Will report here when I have more concrete results.

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