Hi newbie alert

Hi to all.

I am Sirhc aka Chris, I tinker with electronics Rasp pi, Orange pi etc and 3d print and design little things that make my life easier and at the moment that is about all I can do because I am 6 months into recovery after having a spinal disc removed to try and help ease the intense nerve pain I have in both my legs. In the past I have worked in IT hardware (fixing computer mother boards, networking and related computer hardware) I have very little coding skills but also due to the reason for my severe leg pain I have an (A.B.I) Acquired Brain Injury meaning that learning anything new is almost impossible. My memory retention on a good day is 18-20 hours ( the time I am awake) or on a bad day 30 mins… It has taken 2 days to write this offline because of this. Most of the time my writing is copy and paste because some sites timeout on me as I am typing as I take that long.


Hello Chris and thank you for posting here!
Projects like HestiaPi sound great for your set of skills to keep you busy during this hard time.
Post here any questions and we will try our best to help out!

Welcome to the club!