How to control HestiaPi via MQTT injection?

I am interested controling HestiaPi via MQTT injection.
For example:

  1. inject “ON” to “hestia/local/cmnd/heatingmode”
  2. inject 72 to “hestia/local/mintempsetpoint”

I got it working partially, that it changes the mode and set temperature on the LCD.
But, on OpenHab the temperature and mode is still the same. And the relay wasn’t turn on either.

Could anyone help me properly control HestiaPi via MQTT injection?


Best way to explore this yourself is to use the LCD and monitor all MQTT communication. LCD script is in fact communicating with MQTT with OpenHab even though they are sitting next to each other :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a look in the LCD source code too:

Thanks! It turns out I changed the wrong MQTT topics.
Instead they should be:

Very Nice!


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