Integration with ANAVI Thermometer

In case anyone is interested in adding a second thermometer in a different room, ANAVI Thermometer is a great open hardware and software project.

I have customized it for placing in the bedroom, with a nice open source case and a light detector.

And of course, I integrated it with Hestia Pi, both in the UI and the OpenHAB logic

You can read the full story, the integration with Hestia Pi part and the OpenHAB integration guide.

Hope you find it useful!


Fantastic write up! Thank you for documenting your process and sharing the code. I should definitely consider this for my own home as the temperature on each floor can vary wildly. By the way I really like the updates to the touchscreen UI. I hope all that absolute positioning in the CSS didn’t give you too much trouble. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @jay I am glad you find it useful. It was my pleasure to build on top of your work.

I am about to finish another project… I am eager to share it, I think you will like it as well!

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