Interesting sensor for CO2


I came across this sensor:

It should cost EUR 35 and can measure CO2, temperature and relative humidity. Communicates via I2C / UART. Perhaps interesting to integrate into the HestiaPi!

We have completed a series of prototypes for

  • CO
  • Gas
  • CO2
  • Dust (PM2.5)
  • Smoke
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidty

as external sensors, powered by mains, that send all data to HestiaPi.
We haven’t completed the battery part and the case as these are also crucial because it is supposed to be portable. It will also be modular if people don’t care about all these sensors and only want 1-2.
Right now we are very busy with the crowdfunding campaign, so we don’t see it happening for the next 3 months but maybe the feedback from the campaign may push these to the top of our list.


This would be amazing , do you have any info on the crowd funding campaign ?

Not public yet :slight_smile: