Iothermostat not seeing sensor

Hi All

not sure if iothermostat is still supported here
I’ve put is on a second SD card and its boots but it appears to be ignoring the sensor

same 280 works find in Hestia

any help would be ideas would be good at the moment



@janbonne any ideas?

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think I may have sorted this sensor issue looks like the back and front ends were not talking have re run the set up and now have readings in the gui and can activate the relay

now having MQTT problems as don’t know the credentials but will investigate and make a new post if needed

I don’t know about this specific image but standard HestiaPi images have no credentials set by default for MQTT.

no its part of the install script for iothermostat make a random password for MQTT but its not walling it out when it should trying to fix the script now

Hi sorry for the late response. Happy to see you got the sensor working.
Do you need any help with the install script?
If you find/repair a bug in the scripts it would be great if you let us know!

And you’re right, there’s an MQTT password randomly generated for security in IOThermostat.

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hi there thanks for the reply

im not home atm

from memory appears to be a syntax error on cat command I ran it in terminal without the EOF statement and retrieved the password

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