IP and Openhab conecction

new to Hestia Pi
i need answers to my questions, i have pi3 with Hestiapi image installed on 64gb sd, no sensor and no lcd or relay just the pi3 , just for testing the gui, i tired going on chrome and putting the ip of my pi and nothing showing even after adding port 8080 nothing showing, i reach to dead connection so how to make it work or what to do ?
do i need to connected to Openhab to have the ip working ?
do i need the other components like lcd and sensor to get it working?

thank you in advanced

Did you connect to the HESTIAPI WiFi network to enter your WiFi name and password?
If you did, download a network scanning app like Fing and scan your network 5 minutes later to find the HestiaPi IP. There is an option to show open ports on it and you should see at least port 8080 and 22.
If entering [YOUR_HESTIAPI_IP]:8080 on a browser brings you nothing, try SSH (download putty) to the same IP (without any port numbers) and login with pi and hestia as credentials and run these commands entering hestia as the password if prompted again:

Absolutely not.

LCD and relays are somehow optional. For a standard use of a thermostat though one would need at least 1 relay. For testing like you do, no you don’t need them.

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