Issues caused (and fixed!) by running update script

I just wanted to put out there some info that might help others in the situation I found myself in recently.

WARNING: Don’t do as I’m about to describe unless you know what you’re doing! You might break something!

After running the update script in /home/pi/scripts/, which updates the installation to the latest from the ONE branch, I found myself in a state where OpenHab was running but my sitemap was full of missing graphics and none of the UI elements responded to being touched/clicked. Essentially my HestiaPi was non-functional. I was also seeing lots of errors in the logs related to installing addons from MVN. In my case, I got back up and running by:

  1. Installing a newer version of OpenHab2 apt packages (2.5.3) as described here
  2. Clearing the cache
  3. Updating my MVN sources as described here

In my case, it was important to update OpenHab first. The version I had previously installed (I was running HestiaPi v1.1 release) didn’t play well (I forget now what errors I found in the logs) with the fresh dependencies pulled down.

I’m not sure the update script is intended to be run by end users (my guess is it’s intended for dev work/testing), so do so at your own risk :slight_smile:

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