I've got extra PCBs

With HestiaPi’s distributor backlogged I used there gerber files to manufacture the PCB. However, the smallest quantity I could order was 5. Needless to say I don’t need 5 thermostats. I’ve soldered everything onto mine and the board works. I can also post links to the other parts I used as well. If anyone is interested I’ve got 4 other boards that I could sell for basically the price of shipping so just let me know.

Hi! I’d be interested in them(Just need 1 or 2). I’m in the US

I would be interested in the four or whatever is left over. How do I get in contact with you?

I’ll send you 1. How does $5 sound? My email is parkergw@gmail.com. You can send me your details, we’ll talk about payment, and I’ll get it shipped this week.

I’ve got 2 left. You can email me at parkergw@gmail.com and we can talk about price. I’m thinking something like $8 for both of them as long as your in the US.

So you have any left? I’m looking for 4