Just bought one, can't find wiring diagram or usage instructions

I just bought a deluxe US kit today Nov 12 that will ship on Nov 29th. I’d like to get familiar with what I’m going to need to do, but I can’t find any wiring diagrams on the site.

I’ll be connecting this to a brand new US Bosch ducted split inverter heat pump that just completed install yesterday. I’ve temporarily got it connected to my old Radio Thermostat CT80 that I always hated because it is cloud controlled and I have to ask someone elses server and authentication to change the temperature in my own house.

Also, I can’t find any docs on setting the temperature, times and ranges. The only thing I have really found is how to attach it to the wall and tons about getting the sdcard written and the first boot. Everything else is a mystery.

Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:
Wiring diagram is lower on the page (search for US-HVAC Model Hookup).
The rest of the documentation will be available in the next 1-2 weeks.
I also believe your delivery may delay couple of weeks too, but please ask Crowd Supply for this kind of things.

Maybe I’m in the wrong place completely. I am starting on the main hestiapi page and clicking on the documentation link. It takes me to the page that has the “proudly merging all documentation” statement, but over on the right hand side there is a Pages (16) link and Navigation below that with links for Software, Hardware, Configuration and FAQ. I have been through all of that on the right hand banner but can’t find anything with a wiring diagram or software walkthrough to see capability and configuration steps.

Oh and let me clarify… I found the soldering guide for building your own… I just need the hookup wiring diagram along with any pages showing configuration and setting your setpoints and days/times etc.

FOUND IT! It’s on crowdsupply site where you buy and NOT on the hestiapi site or the github site where the documentation link takes you.

Here is the direct link if it helps anyone else… bottom of that page is the diagram.

Apologies for the confusion. Most of the latest stuff are on the CrowdSupply page for the moment but we will be putting everything together in one place in the next days.

After reading on this for a few days and talking around I don’t think the HestiaPi is going to fully work for me. I need to be able to support 5 stages… 3 heat / 2 cool and need 2 Y connectors to control the 2 stage fan.

Can anyone confirm what I’m seeing? Am I going to need to cancel my order?

HestiaPi can only control 2 stage heating at the moment due to the number of relays it includes (2 for heating, 1 for cooling and 1 for fan). If 5 stages are needed an intermediate module (a relay block - not something we offer at the moment ourselves) would be needed to handle the extra wiring needs and listen from HestiaPi the commands to turn on/off each relay individually. This can be a relatively easy DIY project but then again it is not something we already provide. Sorry for the confusion.

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