Just checking on status for order

About 2 years ago I asked how back ordered everything is. I see the shop is still marked as out of stock. Are there any options to get hardware? Even just PCB’s and components? I can assemble everything myself. Or a BOM that I can just order from like Mouser or something?

The manufacturing will not resume unless we get China rolling. So far it is not a viable option for our needs as minimum order quantities start from tens of thousands and this will continue till silicon shortage is over and China is back to normal with smaller factories supporting smaller quantities.
There is a post on the forum where people gathered BOM from Mouser or something. The PCB files are also easy and cheap to order from shops like JLCPCB.com. The Pi’s are also not always easy to find. Please keep in mind that the new Pi Zero 2 is not fully tested for compatibility so you would need to stick with Zero W.

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