LAN adapter for HestiaPi?

Hi. My first post here.

I’m interested in building my own smart thermostat for a heating boiler water system instead of installing a Nest thermostat that I have purchased.

I’m interested to know how can I connect the HestiaPi to my heating system and control it over internet. It is this possible? Where I can find more step by step examples on how to make the connection?

Also I hate wifi, I want to have only LAN access to all my devices. For this reason I’m thinking on using an OTG-LAN adapter like this: PLUGABLE USB 2.0 OTG MICRO-B TO 10/100 ETHERNET ADAPTER

Will this adapter work with HestiaPi?

Thank you.

Hi Alex,
welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Have you visited these pages?


I believe they will answer all your questions.

Yes I seen them but no clear documentation. I am missing something?

What it is there not responding my questions.

OK… where do you get stuck. Software, hardware, configuration or wiring it up with your system? If you have installed Nest, it should be very similar.