Lock Interface?

Couldn’t find answer searching here or OpenHab. As a Father of a household of 8, the feature I’m looking for is to password protect the controls. Can this do that?

HestiaPi, no there is no way to add a lock to the LCD UI automatically. You’d have to implement that yourself. But that’s one of the great things about open source, at least that’s an option.

For openHAB, the version that HestiaPi is running does not support that. However, OH 3 which is in prerelease does support logins and roles and to some degree the controls can be hidden (I’m not sure I’d call it protected as the API is still there and accessible) on the openHAB UI.

Finally, you can implement a reverse proxy with username/password authentication and configure your network and firewalls so the only way to get to openHAB is through the reverse proxy. That will protect the web based UI with a username and password. But there are still ways around even that. For example, there is no authentication or ACLs configured on the MQTT broker so someone could just use an MQTT client to publish new setpoints, bypassing both openHAB and the LCD UI.

So it is possible to lock HestiaPi down but it’ll take a good bit of work to achieve.

Another approach (which is more of a quick hack) is to hide the HTML elements, aka the buttons on the LCD you want hidden and use the phone app only. Obviously anyone with access to that network HestiaPi sits on will still be able to get around that but if you provide some more info and how far you want to go then we may be able to help some more.