Lock LCD menu /restrict buttons



I’m wondering if this product could work for (/be easily hacked for) my problem…

I’m part of a group that rents out a community hall to a variety of users- and we often find a number of hall users change the current thermostat to ‘always on’ and then don’t turn it off overnight.
When the hall is then unused for the next 24+hours this is a bit of a waste of gas… (and an unhappy bill for us).

I would like to be able to set a programme-timer - and then lock it.
Then for ‘normal users’ I only want them to have a +1hour boost or similar. So if they are feeling cold fair enough they can put it on, but not leave it on for the next few days by mistake.
Ideally I would like a keycode that you could type in to the screen to enable all buttons - butwithout it you can only access ‘boost’. However I would settle for ‘boost’ on LCD and use a laptop /ssh to re-enable the LCD.

I’m very capable of programming in python - but less experienced in other languages.
How easy is the UI software to hack for what I want (or do you have some feature like that already?)

Another problem - we don’t have WiFi on all the time. I can setup a temporary system to install everything, but am I right to assume it will still “work” when the internet isn’t on?

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You can easily do 1-line modification (comment out) on the UI to remove all but the boost function. You could also disable changing the temperature setpoint.
As the UI is practically hand-written you would have to also hand-write the logic for the keypad.
But if you could restrict Wi-Fi access to HestiaPi then you could always keep the LCD in restricted mode and have the phone app to fully control everything.

Internet is only needed if you want remote access. Wi-Fi is needed for accessing it away from the LCD so if you keep Wi-Fi on all the time even if no Internet access is available through it, you should be fine.


Many Thanks.

Sounds good.