Mqtt setup external pi

Ok im getting close to completion

As I already have my a lot of devices on openhab 2.4 on another pi, it would suit my usage more to have the web in paper UI of that Pi

Is there a how to already just to save me some time ?

photo for attention

Ignore my above post think I was having a senior moment

added the Hestia to a list of available MQTT servers on my main system

I wasn’t sure what you asked before. :slight_smile:
I guess you are finding your way yourself

what I’m trying to do is set it up so it can be controlled from my other openhab instance

In getting some values like temp etc struggling with sending settings back for getting desired temp

It is a different topic for set and get of a value.

Yep ive found the topic that publishes what is set to hestia/local/tempsetpoint
but not the one to set it is there a list of topics ?

line 35 onwards:


working on my own curtain track project a the moment will have another play later in the week

@HestiaPi where do I edit the MQTT broker information? I can’t do it through the UI under Configurations-Thiings-Mosquitto MQTT Broker. I’m getting a 409 conflict error.

Isn’t it on the line 35?

@HestiaPi that where I thought but tried it through the UI first.

I think if you define it like that through the text file you cannot change it from the paper UI. Simply edit the text file, save it and wait a bit for the changes to take effect. You can monitor the logs to confirm too