My Hestiapi Arrived Damanged from crowd supply whats next

Hello All,
My Hestiapi Deluxe kit arrived Dead on Arrival from crowd supply.
I contacted them directly and they asked i open a topic on this forum.

It appears Parts of the Display holder on the 3d print broke off and the plastic pins holding the board in are all broken. I have tried to power this up but there is only a click from the relay when i apply power but no response or lights from the Pi or the display. I have removed the Hestiapi from its case and seated the display but still nothing… is there a way to power up the Pi without destroying the blue header ? my soldering skills suck
and i dont have the equipment i feel to fix this on my own. The version that was sent to me looks different from the one on the crowd supply page. It does not appear there is any way to power this up without UN-sodering the blue connector to get access to the USB ports.

Crowd supply any next steps or help would be greatly appreciated as i think mine got rattled to hard in shipping and wont power up.

Your initial email (I get these too) didn’t mention damage to the case during shipping that’s why I redirected you here.
If the item arrived broken then contact CrowdSupply again (reply-to-all) and report your problem. Sorry for the back and forth.
They may ask you to leave your board unmodified if it is to be replaced and our troubleshooting cannot go very far without that. Apply power and check that 5V are on the Pi’s pins.

I wanted to chime in that I had damage as well – I contacted Crowd Supply and they initially asked for pictures and then did not communicate back to me despite a few attempts by me.

I got a generic email from them on Feb/5 that said:

Most campaign orders have already shipped. However, some backers have reported receiving broken units, so we’re halting the shipping process while we assess the situation. Thank you for your patience!

It also had a link: Temporary Halt in Shipping

I still haven’t heard if they intend to replace my broken device or not, I first reported by issue on Jan/18 and they official opened a ticket on Jan/24.

So I confirmed That i have input voltage to the unit of 27.1 Volts into the AC/ DC converter . but i get no power from the converter out where we should be getting 5volts . i have no power on any of the Pie zero pins and no power anywhere else on the board. Per the other posts about power its likely that a zener diode is required since my HVAC system in not putting out Exactly 24 volts … Most HVAC systems can potentially fluctuate between 24 and 28 Volts as i understand it. @HestiaPi and @crowdsupply what our our next steps? I don’t see a way to test the board and to remove the AC/DC converter without damaging the board. Also since we bought a complete system Should we be modifying the board and adding the Zener diode ourselves ? I am sure you guys are all backed up with this as i am guessing mutiple people might be having a similar issue . At the very least i know the Hestia pi case came broken. its not able to be closed and wont support mounting the Hardware to the wall.

I want to thank the Hestia Pi team and Crowd supply for getting this far with this. There are the type of issues that are to be expected with open hardware first release and i am sure this small team is doing the best they can with the resources and people they have.

@ems I see CrowdSupply starting to respond to issues like yours. Please get back to us if it isn’t sorted.
@phdev you just got a response from CrowdSupply, so leave this unit unmodified and wait for the replacement.

Thanks guys for All your hard work and help with this project. :slight_smile: Crowd supply is sending me a replacement .

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